The EM Hungary

Our organisation, the European Movement Hungary was established in 1990 in Budapest, with the mission to inform Hungarian people about Europe and about the EU. Later, the organisation shifted focus and helped the process of joining the EU in 2004. As part of an international network, the primary task was to share information and help Hungarian people be informed about their possibilities and opportunities as an EU member.

Fifteen years have passed and the European Movement kept on informing people.  During all these years the organisation served as an information bridge between the EU and Hungary while representing the European values in Hungary.

This year we decided to do more. This year we decided to widen our activities and find other ways not only to represent the European values in the country, but also to represent the Hungarian values in Europe. With this changed set of mind, we organise our activities around the following priorities:

-          Fostering the international co-operation – we find it crucial to be an active member in the international sphere; therefore we are constantly seeking and searching for partnerships. We believe that sharing our experience, knowledge and best-practices can help in shaping the future of Europe together

-          Sharing the European values in Hungary and representing the Hungarian culture in the European network – during conferences and events, we promote the European values, such as respect, social integrity and responsibility for our future.

-          Promoting the importance of the EU – we emphasise why the membership is crucial to Hungary and we share the information about the opportunities we have thanks to the EU.

We are organising conferences, events, workshops and exhibitions as well as we support researches and publications.
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