Campaign for the EP elections

This year the European Movement Hungary made a commitment and decided to invest more effort, energy and time to make the movement more visible in Hungary. This is not an easy quest in today’s Hungary but we trust that we can build a successful network and engage more people than ever before. In order to achieve this, we are revamping our social media presence and we are planning to organise several events. Part of the new initiatives, we took part at the EU Day in Budapest and we organised a conference ahead of the EP Elections to raise awareness of the importance of the participation.

On the 12th of May, the Hungarian representation of the European Parliament and the European Commission hosted the EU Day in Budapest, together with several civil and non-profit organisations.  The all-day festival was held in the heart of Budapest, at Liberty Square. Since several years, this event also serves as a family day with music concerts and a running competition. As there were several thousand festival visitors and four thousand runners, this was a unique opportunity for us to present ourselves to the larger public. We participated in a quiz for the visitors and we designed EU-related games as well, thus attracting even more people to our stand.  During the all-day festival we managed to reach several hundreds of people, which is a really good start to rebuild our network.

Our second event was held in a smaller town on the Hungarian countryside, Kőszeg. It is a nice small town at the Austrian-Hungarian border that has preserved most of its medieval and early modern townscape and has a great tradition of culture and education. The present flagship of the town in this respect is the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, which in cooperation with the Pannon University in Veszprém organizes research projects and graduate courses on various historical and current aspects of European integration. The Institute cooperates with a prestigious catholic high school in Kőszeg as well. On the above mentioned reasons, the EM Hungary decided to host a conference with 30 students on European values from a Christian perspective, with special emphasis to the upcoming elections. The conversation was moderated by Prof. András NAGY, cultural historian of Pannon University and IASK researcher and Prof.Attila Pók, historian, emeritus senior researcher of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and senior researcher of IASK. The discussion focused on the original roots of the European civilization as interpreted by various religions and current political narratives. The students were very active and well responded to the challenging questions of the moderators.